Global Crypto Fund

3 Comma Capital Global Crypto Fund provides investors long-only exposure to the largest Digital Assets by Market Cap in a safe, diversified and regulated environment.

The escalating adoption and diverse use cases of various blockchains created a landscape characterized by both uncertainty and elevated risk, but also the potential for substantial returns within the asset class.

Category A Shares

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Last updated: April 12th, 2024

Fund Overview

Fund Objective

The fund's primary objective is to provide investors with a secure and simple regulated vehicle for accessing the most prominent Digital Assets based on market capitalization.

Investment Strategy

The Investment Manager will aim to exceed the performance of the market, as measured by the CF Ultra Cap 5 EUR Index, accessible on Bloomberg under the ticker “CFUCMWEU” (calculated and distributed by CF Benchmarks), by employing an active allocation strategy within the universe, limited to a maximum of 25%, and a maximum exposure off-benchmark capped at 10%, excluding cash holdings.

The Fund seeks to participate in the consensus mechanisms of relevant blockchains whenever feasible to enhance performance. The fund will not use leverage or short selling.

Invest in the Most Promising Asset Class

The Fund provides investors long-only exposure to the largest Digital Assets by Market Cap in a safe, diversified and regulated environment.

The Fund is suitable for Professional Investors who seek exposure to the main Digital Assets and have a high-risk appetite.

Licensed and Insured Prime Broker & Crypto-Custodian

The Entity entrusted with the safekeeping and custody of the Fund's Digital Assets is Gemini Trust Company, LLC.

Gemini Trust LLC is a regulated Fiduciary and holds the status of a qualified custodian under the New York Banking Law, duly licensed by the New York State Department of Financial Services (NYFDS).

Robust Benchmarking,
Tracked in EUR

CF Benchmarks is the world's leading crypto index provider, regulated by the UK FCA. The CF Ultra Cap 5 EUR Index provides robust and transparent pricing mechanisms.

CF Benchmarks is a registered entity in England, bearing the registration number 11654816, with a registered office in the United Kingdom.

Key Information

Investment manager
3 Comma Capital SCR, SA (registered with CMVM under nr. 182126) - located in Lisbon, Portugal
CMVM Fund Authorization Number
Nr. 1988
Category A Shares PT3CMCHM0004
Category B Shares PT3CMDHM0003
Marketing Entities
The entities responsible for marketing the FUND's units to Investors are: 
- The Management Entity, for Category A and B
Fund Custodians
Digital Assets: Gemini Trust Company, LLC
FIAT: Bison Bank
Benchmark Provider
CF Benchmarks - CF Ultra Cap 5 EUR Index
Minimum Investment
Category A Shares €500,000.00 EUR
Category B Shares €100,000.00 EUR
Entry Costs
Management Fee
Category A Shares 1.00% p.a.
Category B Shares 1.50% p.a.
Performance Fee
20% Performance Fee
Custodian Fees
0.20% per annum on the value of the Digital Assets held by the Fund
Supervisory Fee
0.0026%  monthly
Mininum 200 EUR - Maximum 20,000 EUR
Daily | Cut off time: 11 a.m. London time
Daily | Cut off time: 11 a.m. London time
For all withdrawals initiated within the first six months following the initial subscription, a 1.5% early exit fee will be incurred
Unit Pricing & NAV disclosure
Minimum Amount for Further Subscriptions
No minimum amount

Sum World (total amount of 1000)

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