About Us

Every now and then, a concept emerges with the potential to reshape the history books.

At 3 Comma Capital, we firmly believe that everyone should possess the means to tap into their unrealised potential, allowing us to collectively craft the vision of the world we aspire to create.You're a creator, just like all of us. As a united front, we become an unstoppable entity.

Whether it's expressed through the arts, activism, innovation, or pioneering a distinct path, our aim is to pave the way for expanded economic freedom and individual ownership.

Who are we?

Established in 2022, 3 Comma Capital is an alternative Asset Manager, Venture Capital Firm, and Web3 infrastructure, located in Lisbon, Portugal.We are convinced that digital assets will become increasingly important in the future world and especially in capital markets. Millions of people have already joined the Web3 revolution and are now leveraging the advantages of digital, tokens, NFTs, metaverse, and a whole new set of technologies that are revolutionizing society as we know it.

3 Comma Capital is transforming Asset Management with digital technology, investing in decentralized infrastructure and Web3. With decades of experience in traditional assets, we have a successful track record of creating systematic equity strategies and generating alternative sources of alpha.Our clients include wealth management firms, family offices, and institutional investors – we can help you identify alternative approaches to get the most out of your investments.


Patrick Hable

Managing Partner

Patrick, together with his brother Robert, is Co-Founder of 2iQ Research, leader in Global Insider Transactions Data. He has +20 years of experience in alternative data, is an Angel Investor in several startups and blockchain startups and actively involved with founders on business steering and growth hacking. 

Nuno Serafim

Managing Partner

Nuno is an experienced financial executive with broad experience in the Asset Management industry, being  board member of IM Gestão de Ativos, where he served as Chief investment Officer, overseeing €3.4B of AuM before he founded 3 Comma Capital, together with Robert and Patrick Hable in 2022.
Pedro Cerdeira


Pedro has +25 years of experience being in top positions for leading multinational IT firms. He is an Angel Investor, an expert in innovation, technology and the Portuguese VC ecosystem.
Duarte Caldas

Investments Principal

With more than 20 years of experience in financial markets, Duarte specialized in the energy area in the last decade, where he had the opportunity to work with the main European Power and Gas institutions at CIMD Group. Previously, he worked as Market Strategist at IG Markets Iberia.
David Duarte

Investment Director

David, Investment Director at 3 Comma, has extensive blockchain project experience as a consultant and developer. His 20-year career includes trading at Portuguese banks and leading the trading division at the Portuguese Debt Management office. He also lectures on finance at NovaIMS Information Management School, holding degrees in Economics and Financial Markets.
Alexandre Cunha Elias

Business Development Director

Alexandre is an experienced professional in the areas of strategic communications, marketing and sales. With over 15 years of experience in business development, he held significant roles at Bluemint Capital Advisors, OFI Asset Management and Kreab. In 2010 Alexandre founded ACE Consulting, specializing in commercial and residential real estate investment advisory.
Rodrigo Pinheiro


Rodrigo is a quant analyst focused on extracting valuable insights from data. He has a Data Science degree and is undergoing a Master's in Finance programme at ISCTE-IUL, with a major in Financial Markets.
Samuel Cavaco


Samuel is an analyst focused on VC valuation and reporting. He worked as a Junior Analyst at Mercer, studied Management for his Bachelor and is undergoing a master’s in finance at ISCTE.
Sylvain Belahniche

Design & Consultation

Sylvain is a UX/UI designer with more than 20 years of experience in the fields of digital media and visual communication, with a strong emphasis on data-driven web applications & products for the finance industry as well as web3 projects.